If one thing is clearer than ever in these strange new times, it's that technology has become an even bigger part of our lives with many of us glued to our phones in order to keep in touch with friends and the outside world in general (Zoom anyone!?).

Even with our (very) limited trips to the supermarket, corner shop or petrol station (why did we fill our car up before the price plummeted), the chances are you're touching your phone whilst out, we do it without thinking. So we want to make sure you #wipebeforeyouswipe!

If like us you have "clean fatigue" why not download one of our wallpaper graphics below for your phone and remind yourself to keep your phone clean and virus-free (who knew we'd ever be talking about the physical kind?!). Get in touch to let us know how it looks on your phone.

#stayathome #staysafe #stopthespread #wipebeforeyouswipe

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