Shaken Udder - Graphic Design

Our branding and packaging design has helped this client every step of the way, from music festival stalls to mainstream supermarket shelves.

Our journey with Shaken Udder began with designing marketing collateral to help them stand out among the food and drink sellers on the UK festival circuit; milkshake cups, big banners and promotional postcards spread the word around the fields.

As the delicious milkshakes found their way onto supermarket shelves, from Harvey Nichols to Sainsbury's, we reinforced the brand with eye-catching point-of-sale, magazine ads and more.

As Shaken Udder's brand reach continues to expand, we have extended the branding and packaging to encompass promotional label variants (including one for the Queen'sĀ Golden Jubilee), a new chocolate orange flavour and most recently a new children's carton range.

Graphic Design - Label design

Graphic design - Label design | Shaken Udder

Graphic Design - New kid's drink carton

Graphic design - Packaging | Shaken Udder

Graphic Design - New kid's drink carton

Graphic design - carton packaging | Shaken Udder

What we did

The following services have been used in our work for Shaken Udder.

Packaging Design


Great packaging design targeted for your market can increase your sales.


Advertising / P.o.S


We'll help you Point and Sell at your point of sale


Flyer / Poster


Simple and cost-effective exposure


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