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Internet users don't just look at websites on desktop PCs any more. They haven't for years and browsing habits are changing faster than you might think.

Modern devices like tablets and smartphones mean your website can be accessed on platforms with a myriad of screen sizes and resolutions. You don't want to spend money on multiple different sites or work to the lowest common denominator, so what to do?

Well, as access to modern devices and up-to-date browsers has increased, so it has become possible to create websites that can be coded once and viewed in differing ways on pretty much any device that supports the framework technologies that make responsive design possible.

If you are viewing this very site on a desktop PC, try changing the size of the browser window. You'll see that as you shrink or enlarge the window, the design of the site alters. This is the essence of responsive design, creating websites so they are able to adapt for optimal viewing across a variety of devices with their array of screen sizes.

In a 2012 study by MobiThinking, 25% of mobile web-browsers were "mobile only". They never used a desktop or laptop PC. Their prediction was that by 2015, there would be more mobile internet users than not. Even if you thought this trend might be overstated (it's not), then there's the cost savings to think about too. No need to code special versions of your new website, just optimise one site for everybody. Ideal.

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