Resurgence of the Cursive (this is not a new Star Wars movie)

It seems, according to Phil Garnham at Monotype, that cursive fonts may well be making a resurgence again. Ever since Web 2.0 emerged, styling on websites have influenced branding to be very flat, simplified, minimal and some people might say perhaps a tad boring and repetitive. Almost a homogenisation of what it means to be cool on the web. Therefore, sans serif fonts such as the go-to Helvetica, Proxima Nova, Roboto and Open Sans have become a mainstay if you want to achieve ‘that look’. According to Monotype’s trend report “…loopy logos are still a thing, adding quirks while using geometry. There’s also lots of really naïve, child-like handwritten fonts that are knowingly wobbly, which is interesting,” according to Garnham.

In light of this we though we’d see how our own Frontmedia logo would hold up in a cursive style. We’ll leave these with you as to decide whether a cursive style is for you or not. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and all that!