Domain Registration and Renewal Policy

Domain registration

Frontmedia Studio Limited can register a domain(s) on your behalf. We will ask for written confirmation of the domain name and the term for which you would like it registered.

.uk domains are registered with Nominet, .com registrations are registered with Fasthosts.

Costs for domain name registration are as per the below:

.uk domain registration - £25.00 +VAT for two years

.com domain registration - £45.00 +VAT for two years

Other domain extensions (such as .co, .london, .blog .eu and are also now available, please contact us for more details and costs.

Prior to requesting us to register a domain on your behalf, please also read the terms and conditions of our domain suppliers here:

Click here for Nominet Terms and Conditions

Click here for Fasthosts Terms and Conditions

Domain renewal

When your domain(s) is due for renewal, you will receive an invoice with 30 days credit, 60 days prior to expiry of the domain(s). The invoice notes the expiry date and the term for which the domain(s) will be renewed for. The default term is 2 years, but we can renew your domain(s) for longer periods on request.

Your domain(s) will be marked for renewal for the agreed term as soon as we receive payment of the invoice.

Costs for domain(s) name renewals are below: domain registration - £25.00 +VAT for two years

.com domain registration - £45.00 +VAT for two years

Costs for other domain extensions (such as .london, .eu and may be different and will be made clear to you before a renewal is made.

Cancellation of domain renewal

You can request cancellation of your domain(s) renewal service at any point during the contractual term. Your domain will remain registered to you for the remainder of the contractual term (until the expiry date shown on your last domain(s) renewal/registration invoice) so you will still be liable for the cost of the full contractual term you last renewed the domain(s) for and no credit notes will be issued.

If you have received an invoice for your next domain(s) renewal and you do not wish to renew this service, please contact us within 30 days and we will cancel or raise a credit note for the invoice. Your domain(s) will then remain active until the expiry date.

Non-payment of domain renewal

If we do not receive payment, or hear from you regarding the payment, you will receive a minimum of three emails and one phone call from Frontmedia Studio Ltd. prior to the expiry of your domain. If we have still not received payment or a response your domain(s) will not be marked for renewal.

Our domain suppliers have different terms for when the domain is passed expiry:

Nominet (.uk domains)

Last updated March 2015, Source

If a renewal request is not received within 30 days of expiry the domain name will be suspended. Seven days before suspension we will send you a suspension warning. When the domain name is suspended we will send you a suspension notice. Throughout this period it is still possible to renew your domain name.

When a domain name is suspended all services that use the domain name will stop working. This means that your web site at that domain name will not work and any email using the domain name will not be delivered.

After a 60 day suspension period the domain name will be put into a cancellation schedule. Cancellation occurs randomly at some point after entering the schedule. Once cancelled, the domain name will then be immediately available for re-registration by someone else. At any point during the suspension, your registrar can renew the domain name for you and the suspension will be lifted. One final reminder will be sent to you 83 days after the expiry date: this will be seven days before the domain name is scheduled for cancellation, so you will need to act quickly if you wish to renew it at this stage.

Fasthosts (.com domains)

Last Updated March 2015, Source

The redemption period starts on the 40th day after the expiry date, if the renewal has not been applied. A further 30 day grace period is granted in order to renew the domain name at a higher price than standard renewal. After these 30 days, there is a 5-day period, Pending delete during which the domain is deleted from the registry and can no longer be redeemed. On the 75th day after expiration, the domain is made available to be registered again by the relevant registry.

Transferring your domain to a new registrar

If you would like to transfer your domain to a new registrar, Frontmedia Studio Ltd. will release the domains free of charge, as long as no outstanding invoices relating to registration or renewal of the domain(s) are outstanding.

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