Ezi Drops

We redesigned the award-winning EziDrops brand (Micro Business of the Year!) and packaging for theEziDrops Eye Applicator, alongside a wider nozzle Eye Applicator and a new Ear Applicator.

The work coincided with EziDrops’ new contract with Walgreens, one of the largest chain stores in the USA.

The new brand logo built on the the previous incarnation, but took it in a cleaner, bolder direction. The teardrop symbol was simplified and made more iconic for use in social media and other applications.

On the front of the pack, we showed the applicator in use so potential consumers would immediately understand how it worked. Our illustrations were deliberately ‘instructional’ in style yet bold and stylish enough to appeal to the consumer and offer shelf appeal.

The packaging was designed to cover a multitude of display methods that vary widely across the globe. For display purposes it can be use in a tray, on a clip strip plus it has an innovative ‘flick-out foot’ so they can stand up individually on a shelf.


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Neil and the team intuitively just grasped, pinpointed and delivered on a fantastic package and logo design. I think the results speak for themselves!

Bob Gokani, Owner & Inventor - EziDrops