Packaging Design

You only have three seconds to get their attention.

Not long is it? That's three seconds that account for more than 70% of purchasing decisions according to the Design Council. Your average supermarket has somewhere in the region of 40,000 products. So how do you manage to stand out in that sort of crowd?

Good packaging design speaks directly to consumers about the quality and brand values not only of the product, but your company as a whole. It really can't just be a pretty face (though it helps).

It’s essential that there is an interaction between the product and the consumer at the point of purchase. When we design packaging we consider not only shape, colour and clarity of message, but also materials, sustainability and (really quite importantly), regulations.

The finished design not only has to have shelf impact and promote the product but also enable the consumer to make an informed decision quickly. It might need to prolong the life of the product or by reducing the amount of materials used, show that you take environmental issues seriously (and save money).

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Packaging Design


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