Stalsen - Packaging design for gloves

Stalsen Premium Protection Gloves are worn leading by blue chip organisations across a diverse range of market sectors. We were asked to design a range of packaging for their new disposable glove ranges - STALMax, STALChem and STALGrip.

Packaging in this marketplace seemed all very clinical in its approach, with mainly white being the primary colour used. We decided to take this new brand in a different direction and went for black accented with bold colours. Black not only gave a premium look, but, additionally is more resilient to the liquids and grime associated within the environments where they are used.

The gesture of the hand gave an insight into the glove's properties and usage. This was accentuated with the addition of appropriate repeat textures, patterns and icons.

It was very important to keep the typography and iconography very clear and concise to aid usage – and to enable the wearer to find the right size!

Packaging design for gloves - STALMax box net

STALMax box net

Packaging design for gloves - STALChem box net

STALChem box net

Packaging design for gloves - STALGrip box net

STALGrip box net

Packaging design for gloves - STALGrip outer carton net

STALGrip outer carton net

What we did

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