Wicks Manor - Graphic Design

We created eye catching packaging design that has taken Wicks Manor meat products from traditional farm shops into major retailers such as Tesco & Sainsbury's no less.

We have designed sleeves for all their award-winning pork products such as sausages, bacon and ham as well as their delcious beef burgers.

Graphic Design - SAUASAGE LABELS

Graphic Design- food labels | Wicks Manor

Graphic Design - BURGER LABELS

Graphic Design- burger labels | Wicks Manor

Graphic Design - BACON LABELS

Graphic Design- bacon labels | Wicks Manor

Graphic Design - 8PP BROCHURE SPREAD

Graphic Design- brochure spread | Wicks Manor

Website - Home page

Website design - Home page | Wicks Manor Farm

What we did

The following services have been used in our work for Wicks Manor.

Brochure / Catalogue Design


Brochures set up meetings that convert to sales.


Packaging Design


Great packaging design targeted for your market can increase your sales.


Advertising / P.o.S


We'll help you Point and Sell at your point of sale




From site to basket to bank, e-commerce that works.




The art of getting the right people to the right pages.


HTML Emails


Not just delivering emails, our emails deliver results.


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